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Keratin Complex and Brazilian Blowout


Both will eliminate frizz and reduce drying time

* Both will help smooth hair, especially for those who have

unmanageable or wavy hair 

* Both will add shine

* Both can be used within 2-4 weeks after a chemical relaxer

* You may do color the same day. However, if you do either

  treatment FIRST, you MUST wait 14 days to have your color


Which one is better for YOU?

These are both SMOOTHERS and NOT straighteners. You must determine what you would like to achieve with this treatment, based on the degree of curl, texture, and chemical history and condition of the hair.

The Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

The revolutionary natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment works wonders on hair. Straighteners and relaxers may contain harsh chemicals that break the hair bonds, causing shedding and breakage. Their unique solution seals the sub-cuticle of the hair for a shiny finish. Helps keep the hair smooth and manageable.

* Lasts up to 16 weeks with proper maintenance

* You CANNOT shampoo or get your head wet (this includes

  perspiration) for 72 hours. Example: if you get the Keratin on a

  Tuesday you cannot shampoo until Saturday

* You CANNOT put glasses on your head, wear you hair in a ponytail, put your hair behind your ears. (nothing that would bend the hair)

* If any moisture does get to the hair before the 72 hours is up,

   blow-dry and go over lightly with a flat iron

This treatment tends to have a little more "smoothing power". However, you still must consider your hair type.

The Brazilian Blowout

Brazilian Blowout improves the overall condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth out the cuticle, instantly transforming the look and feel of your hair.

* Lasts up to 12 weeks with the proper maintenance.

* You may shampoo your hair the next day

This treatment tends to be for people who want more versatility. You can get your hair straight with much ease, but you can also wear it curly.

Maintenance is Imperative for either to last!

The SHAMPOO you use is absolutely the most important thing!

DO NOT confuse sodium chloride free with sulfate free.

While the sulfates are not good for your color, it is NOT the concern of these services. Sodium Chloride is the equivalent of table salt and is used in shampoos as a lathering agent. It will almost instantly break down the protein that was infused into the hair during this treatment.


While we suggest using the Keratin and Brazilian Blowout products, you are free to use any conditioners and styling products of your choosing. Protect your 300-350 investment!

If you choose to go to any other salon, PLEASE take your shampoo with you!!

We can only guarantee the services we perform at Dragonfly with the shampoos that were designed specifically for these services. We stand behind both Keratin Complex and Brazilian Blowout products for aftercare.

Anytime you are going to the beach, even if you don't get in the water, you are in salty air. You MUST seal your hair with a protective masque.

Prices vary depending on which service you choose. Length and thickness of hair are also considered.

Prices for smoothing treatments start at 300