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The Dragonfly Guest Loyalty is a points-based loyalty program. Guests earn
rewards valid for dollars off any purchase of qualifying merchandise, based on
points accumulated from qualifying Dragonfly Salon and Boutique purchases and
other incentives

How can I enroll?

Guests may enroll in the Loyalty Program at Dragonfly Salon and Boutique. You must provide first and last name, email address and phone number.

How do I earn points?

Members earn 1 point for every $1 spent on qualifying purchase(s). Qualifying purchases are defined as the purchase amount of any in-store or online transactions of all products and boutique items. Exclusions include salon services, sales tax, shipping charges and delivery charges,

Points issues are rounded to the nearest 1 point increment. For example, a qualifying item that sales for $10.49 earns 10 points, whereas a qualifying item that sells for $10.50 earns 11 points. Each qualifying items is used to calculate points, rather than the total transaction amount. There will be special events that will allow qualifying purchases to receive double and triple points. Gift certificates are issued in $10 increments.

Can I get points for a purchase made prior to enrolling in the Guest Loyalty Program?

Points cannot be accumulated on purchases made prior to enrolling in Guest Loyalty. All points must be earned and redeemed. according to these terms and conditions.

What exclusions are there to earning my points?

*Points may not be earned for services performed at the salon

*Purchase of Gift Certificates


All points are based on purchase total amounts before tax.

When do my points become Rewards?

Once you accrue 200 points or spend $200 you will receive a $10 gift certificate. It will be redeemable as a discount off the future purchase of product, boutique item or salon service. Rewards may not be redeemed in the same transaction in which they were earned.  

How many rewards can i redeem in my purchase?

Multiple rewards may be redeemed for qualifying purchases in a single transaction. towards all product and boutique items. The only exception is when using the certificates towards a Salon Service.. Only ONE certificate (value $10) can be applied toward per visit.

Can points/certificates be redeemed for cash?

Once a certificate is issued for your points it has no cash value.. No change/currency will be given for unused portion.

What happens to my points if I return purchased products?

Points will be deducted from the Member's account. Should this create a negative balance, future points earned and posted to the account will be applied to the negative balance.

Do my points or certificates ever expire?

Points can accrue up to on year. After this, if you have not earned enough to receive a gift certificate, they will be forfeited.

Gift certificates are valid for one year from issue date.